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100 % spelt flour, with pumpkin seeds or coconut - 25nis.

Rye bread with walnuts, 50% rye flour, 50% white flour - 23 nis.

Rye bread with sunflower seeds, 50% rye flour, 50% white flour - 23nis.

Whole wheat bread, coated with sesame seeds. 50% whole wheat flour, 50% white flour -22nis

Whole wheat bread, coated with sesame, poppy seeds  and anise seeds. 50% whole wheat flour, 50% white flour - 22nis.

Whole wheat bread, coated with oatmeal and pumpkin seeds. 50% whole wheat flour, 50% white flour - 22nis.

Whole wheat bread, coated with grains. 50% whole wheat flour, 50% white flour - 22nis.

Onion bread, 100% white flour - 22nis.

Greek bread - olive & garlic. 100% white flour - 202nis.

Jerusalem pretzel - 10nis.

Bread sticks - 4nis.

"Bite Rolls" (small rolls) - 2nis.



Spelt Halla - 22nis

Braided halla - white flour - 20nis

Seed-garnished halla, 50% whole wheat flour, 50% white flour - 20nis

Halla with herbs, white flour - 20nis

Round cranberry halla, white flour - 20nis


Yeast Cakes - 42nis

Pastry cream & chocolate

Ricotta cheese & berries

Halva & white chocolate



Memulasha - stuffed pastry - 18nis

Memulasha Black lentils with thyme, rosemary and raw tahini.

Memulasha Indian dish - potatoes, peas, spices (spicy)

Memulasha Roasted eggplant, tahini, onion, garlic.

Memulasha Moroccan dish with olives and raw tahini.

Memulasha Root vegetables and coconut cream.


Sabich - stuffed pastry with tahini, eggplant, chick peas, "amba" (hot pickeld mango), boiled egg and arisa - 23nis.

Fricasse - Pastry stuffed with tuna, pickled lemon, boiled potato, boiled egg, arisa - 23nis.

Pletza'le - polish pastry with caramelized onion and poppy seeds - 13nis.

Roquefort cheese pastry - rich cheeses pastry - Roquefort, parmesan,  sour cream and onion -  15nis.

Shnek - goat cheese roll with caramelized red onion - 15nis.

Shakshuka Focaccia - a celebration of shakshuka - tomato, peppers, garlic, onion and egg - 22ins.

Falafel Focaccia - tahini layer, on top of it mashed chick peas layer, falafel and a spicy salsa salad -  20nis.

Antipasti Focaccia - grilled pepper, sweet potato, zucchini and kohlrabi - 18nis

Za'atar focaccia - 10nis


Sandwiches - 25nis

Egg salad sandwich - Olive tapenade, pickles, cucumber

Cream Cheese sandwich - Roquefort cheese, coriander paste, fresh mushrooms, radish

Omelet sandwich - cream cheese, tomato paste, cucumber

Tuna fish sandwich - Mayonnaise, pickled lemon, pickles, cucumber and red pepper.

Spicy vegan sandwich - tahini, moroccan eggplant salad and salsa.


Quiches - 40nis

Zucchini, chestnuts, cheeses

Leek and cheeses

Mushrooms in vinegar, date syrup and cheeses

Caramelized red onion and cheeses


Crackers (100% spelt flour) - 20nis


Seasoned with nigella seeds

Seasoned with garlic and dill


Home-Made dips - 18nis

Coriander paste

Olive Tapenade - Kalamata and sage

Lemonish green olives tapenade

Tomato paste with balsamic vinegar and date syrup


Sweet pastries

Rich personal yeast pastries - 15nis

Cream and chocolate

Cinnamon and walnuts

Ricotta and berries

Poppy seeds and honey

Apples and almond cream



Spiced carrot cake (100% spelt flour) - 42nis

Pistachio and orange - 40nis

Maple, walnuts and almonds - 40nis

Chocolate and banana - 42nis

Lemon and berries - 40nis

Chocolate brownie - 42nis

Vanilla and amarena cherries - 42nis

Vegan chocolate cake - 42nis


Tarts - Whole - 82nis

Rich chocolate with salted caramel and toffee

Lemon and meringue

Caramelized almonds and pears with almonds cream


Rich home made granola (330 gr) - 33nis


Market Salad - chopped vegetables, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, roasted almonds and feta cheese - 38nis

Quinoa Salad - red quinoa, fresh greens, antipasti cubes and kalamata olives - 38nis

Beetroot Salad - beetroot, black lentils sprouts, coriander, and Roquefort cheese - 38nis

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Midreshet Ben Gurion - The old shed

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